Sir, Sir! How do I become a Shark?


So you want to become a shark? Maybe it’s independence you crave. Maybe it’s freedom. Maybe it’s the knowledge that you can extract money from other people in a game of skill simply because you are better than them? Maybe it’s just money.

Whatever your reason for wanting to become a poker shark you are now at a crossroads.

You can pretend you are working towards being the best player you can be, in between sitting in front of a television or going out and getting drunk, or you can commit now, totally to manipulating your every thought and energy into becoming the best, the most untainted, the most powerful version of yourself you could ever be.

You see poker despite what you might read on various internet forums is not rocket science. Sure some people that have a high IQ and like debating the finer intricate details of theories can pretend it is, they might even convince other people that it is. But it is not. Winning at poker is easy. Really it is. There is a secret I’m about to reveal to you, it’s a secret that is very powerful but it deserves the utmost of your attention. It is a secret so powerful in it’s implications that it could change your life if you fully grasp it and act on its implications.

The secret is this.

To be a poker shark. To crush online or live poker you need to be better than your opponents.

That is it, and I make no apologies if it has come as a bit of an anticlimax.

The question you need to ask yourself now then, is how do you become better than your opponents?

You are never playing one opponent, never when you are trying to profit from poker, because in one hand anything can happen. When you are playing poker and trying to profit you are playing the sum total of every opponent you have played, over any given number of hands. To be more precise then you need to be better than your average opponent.

But what does it mean to be better? Does it mean you need to know more than they do? No. Does it mean you need to win a big pot from one of them? No. Does it mean you need to completely out play them in a hand? No. It means time and again, every single time you are in front of one of these opponents you have to excel, you have to be on the top of your game. You have to be better than them.

That is winning poker. Winning poker isn’t knowing what merging your ranges are or how many off-suit combinations of QT exist. Winning poker is simple.

In these pages I will record my journey at playing winning poker on Unibet and Pokerstars. I will do so starting with virtually nothing (a £25 deposit) to inspire anyone reading this on limited funds, and to show them that they can do it to, and you don’t always need a huge bankroll.

So with all that said and done… join me, as I hit the felts and start this journey to make money eating fish on Unibet and Pokerstars.